The concept of beverage beards captures the delightful act of losing oneself, embracing new identities, and immersing in festive moments while enjoying drinks. It highlights the transformative and social aspects of alcohol, inviting us to reflect on our motives and the

possible risks involved. Exploring these themes allows us to deepen our understanding of our relationship with alcohol and make mindful choices that nurture personal growth and well-being.


Kārlis Bogustovs is a multidisciplinary artist known for his unique approach to glass art. He has a background in sculpture, glass art and design, having studied at Riga Design and Art School and later at the Art Academy of Latvia. His work often incorporates recycled glass, giving it a new purpose and life. He is known for his unique approach to combining his interests in skateboarding and glass art by creating functional environmental objects. His DIY and handmade pieces reflect his creativity and cultural awareness. He is constantly experimenting with the boundaries of glass as a medium, creating work that is both innovative and thought-provoking.



Photos by Ivars Grāvlejs