Kristians Brekte, Ernests Kļaviņš and Shady Ladies




Vicious beings now possess the house where people once celebrated. The old Whistler feasts in the house during the weekends. He loves going off on a bender for a few days and does it publicly. Party guests shake to the rhythm of the Whistler's music or roll on the ground - high from the bass of the whistle. For the next four days, Whistler disappears off the radar.

The Maflocks - cosmic parasites of consciousness - only visit this place a few times a month, but to make each visit feel like a homecoming, they've hung some lovely pictures on one of the walls, showing snippets from the Maflocks' daily lives.

On other days in this house resides a langur monkey couple. The monkeys regularly brought home food and rubbish they collected in the local village. Along with the rubbish, on their way into the room, have also found some insects that linger, thinking back on the summer, AKA 'childhood chill'.
Kristians Brekte is a controversial Latvian artist who last shocked the country in 2021 with his mural in Riga city centre. As a result, for a while, the people of Latvia became interested in art and its ideas.

Ernests Kļaviņš is an outstanding cartoonist who incorporates cartoon characters in his comics, prints, paintings and sculptures.

The Shady Ladies, formed as a rap duo, are now deep into visual art and striking while the iron is hot.

The exhibition is supported by the State Foundation for Culture and Culture and the Madona Municipality.




Photos by TvMaskava