Between two suns


Augmented reality photo installation is a work realized by the cooperation of two media artists - Kristaps Zelmenis and Zane Zelmene.

Within its scope, the topic discussed is the introduction of the viewer to the topic "psycho-geography", which is relevant for the urban environment, which studies the influence of the geographical environment on the emotions and behavior of the individual.

Cities are characterized by the concentration of buildings and infrastructure: streets, squares, transport network, energy, water supply, waste management and other systems.


Man has a tendency to transform the surrounding environment for his needs, creating a common infrastructure network. In urban planning, such a network is often viewed and developed as an artificial system. Therefore, to maintain this artificial order, it is observed and protected. As a result, blind spots are born in the cracks of the system, which arise organically, in parallel with the development of the city, or on the contrary - in opposition to the boundaries drawn by city streets and transport lines, various districts. These places have always existed in the city's infrastructure - they were not deliberately created, but arose naturally, because people also have needs that are outside the law, system and accepted norms.


Exhibition at movie theater "Vidzeme".