Sun Salutation



The tulip bulbs have sprouted flowers and in her hands she is holding them. From a crackling polyethylene wrapper a coconut flake covered Rafaello is swirled. A finger touches the “R” key and the index finger of the right hand drags the arrow from the lower corner of the tent entrance to the tent pole. Beside the pole, a snowdrop rises from the ground, and nearby, under a wet layer of dark snow, a dog poop bag, a yellow bone, and a shiny three-euro coin looms. A plastic VW Sharan wheel disc basks on the scarp of the ditch, but the tire has not disappeared. Spring has come.

Through a structured training program of several months, the collective ⅜ gets ready for the beach season and builds its shape by lifting balls and stretching the strips of muscle fibers.


The lesson program of the exhibition alternates between fluid movements and strength exercises, the whole of the wrist muscle is toned and strengthened, it’s coordination enhanced and eyesight sharpened. During the exercise, a sitting position is assumed, as a result the hand and mind are connected, the general well-being of the body improved and daily stress reduced. These high-intensity group exercises are based on miniscule sports equipment: a circle, two-dimensional tubes of various lengths, resistance rubbers, drop shadow, selection of random images and lines up to 24 point thickness. Carrying out the program regularly strengthens the immune system, improves the ability to concentrate, balances the energy exchange of the body, improves blood and lymph circulation, as well as the function of the nervous system.


The visual exercises were done by the group working together on the Google Drawings platform, both with and without time and technical constraints, while the exercise program was performed on the yoga mats "Asana" and "Yute Pro".


The artist collective ⅜ is a group of four professional artists – Kristiāna Marija Sproģe, Jānis Dzirnieks, Jānis Krauklis and Rihards Rusmanis. Its origins go back to 2014, when they studied in the same course at the Visual Communication Department of the Art Academy of Latvia.


The exhibition is supported by the yoga good store “Rudra” State cultural capital fund, Madona municipality, Roberts Skrajāns, Aigars Noviks, Madara Ulme, artist union GolfClayderman.



Photos by Jānis Dzirnieks

Group photo by TvMaskava