Each painting is unique and original!


But historically, artists and their workshops have made many versions of the same compositions. For example, Janis Rozenthal's painting "Princess With a Monkey" has known in at least five different versions. As well as the entire tradition of Icon painting, copying previous icons. Well, not exactly copying, but there is certainly a different relationship with the artist's propensity for originality.

I also remember reading, that Wilhelms Sasnals had painted the same painting countless times to reach the desired precision of expression.


A lot of thoughts and questions has been devoted to the uniqueness of the picture and its

originality in our world of abundance of images, but I was also interested in touching this field.


I painted a cycle of works "Through the Darkness" this winter. I had built a portable painting station in my van and stopped from time to time to paint a situation that had attracted my eyes. These were spontaneous and very intense painting moments in which light, space and weather conditions encountered a laconic painting language. Works were painted in a single session, making corrections or clarifications impossible. There was often a feeling of the special uniqueness of these moments.


And then I became interested in painting one of these moments several times; and to observe what was changing in this process - the initial interest in discovery; once again, a little more precisely; then it became more laconic; everything is familiar, I can focus on a more precise expression; a little tired, must try to break through the next level of imagery; It started to rain though; it became dark …


The relationship between the moment of existence and the uniqueness of the image?


On the plot of the painting, the paintings show the exhibition pavilion "Grey Cube". Imagined, built, painted. If it is real you have to go and check in exhibition "Savvaļa" ( From Madona bus terminal you can travel there in different ways, but you must reach the bus stop Jaundrusti, and than there is 1.4 km walking distance from there. Maybe there are seven Grey Cubes out there!?


-Andris Eglītis-


Foto: Ivars Grāvlejs, TvMaskava