Aleksandrs Breže, Līga Spunde

Last Harvest



The installation “Last Harvest” visually foreshadows the forthcoming winter. The architecture of the exhibition space inspires its grotesque characters and the harvest seasons sculpted vegetable men, which over time have become a well-known image of fall and an example of an inventive imagination. The creatures, placed on the patch of land, set the scene of the space, becoming a self–contained visual performance that extends beyond the boundaries of the stage. Early-stage decorations and theatre scenography inspire their appearance. The monstrous nature of the figures and the soundtrack created by Ivars Burtnieks conjure up an apocalyptic garden landscape, which, in an unobtrusive but visually unmistakable way, becomes the authors’ commentary on the global energy and food crisis. The “Last Harvest” exhibition is a collaborative project between Līga Spunde and Aleksandrs Breže. Music by Ivars Burtnieks.


State Culture Capital Foundation and Madona municipality support the exhibition.



Photos by Līga Spunde