Graffiti on the garages at Smilšu Street 10.


With this artwork, the goal was to create a new relaxation spot or chill spot in Madona.


The first graffiti depicts a rave in the legendary Berlin club "Berghain". Since the creation of this graffiti, Madona has its own "Berghain" branch.


The second graffiti serves as an invitation to Madona local residents. "Start rolling!" says the sun, and the worm is willing: "Okay." Since this agreement, everyone lives happily and friendly.


In one corner of the graffiti, hedgehogs are depicted. One hedgehog is sliding down the mountain, and while sliding, it throws chips to its friend's mouth. This is a great example of strong friendship. Thanks to "Ādažu čipsi" for providing 10 boxes of tomato chips for event attendees.




Photos by Ivars Grāvlejs, TvMaskava